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about the sims of jessiewings
Welcome! This is the "community" which hosts all jessiewings' Sims 2 stuff. There's a lot to read here!

Acorn City is one of the neighbourhoods I play; its townies are all Sims from various pixel_trade members. It's the location of the Sprita Legacy, begun in December 2008, which is currently on generation nine! The name comes from the Esperanto word for "witty".

Acorn City is also the location of the Antikvas, a Viking Death Squad Legacy begun in May. If you're looking for it, you can find it over at my new Dreamwidth sims journal, [community profile] jayeless_sims.

My other current legacy is the Senrega Legacy, now on generation three, but which has been on hiatus for months. I started it for FC3 at legacy_writers, and it is an ISBI challenge. Its name comes from the Esperanto word for "without rule" or "without control", because that's basically what an ISBI challenge is. I plan to resume it once the Spritas are over (or close to).

The Stone Legacy was started in January 2008, and which I "cancelled" in July that year. It's a story-based legacy. I'm not really planning to continue it, but you can read it if you want to.

That's all for now. I hope you have fun reading, and feel free to watch if you want to keep up with my updates. =)